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Fate and Transport Modeling

Effective multimedia fate and transport modeling is essential to a risk assessment in estimating past or future exposures to a receptor population. The professionals at TEA have extensive experience in utilizing physical/chemical parameters, and statistical or mathematical techniques to predict the transport, decay, and dispersion of materials in the soil or water.

Groundwater Modeling

Our experience permits us to offer not only high-quality modeling skills but also the ability to evaluate and select the most efficient computer model to solve "real-world" problems and predict contaminant concentrations over time and distance. Our groundwater modeling capabilities include:

  • Developing modeled applications using programs such as Visual MODFLOW, RemChlor and Groundwater Vistas
  • Contaminant transport modeling for remediation techniques
  • Fate and transport analyses for natural attenuation remedies
  • Advanced visualization of modeled data using EVS
  • Model evaluation for litigation