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TEA takes a unique engineered approach to phytoremediation that we call EnPhySys℠. Typical phytoremediation systems simply rely on the vagaries of natural root development, which may limit the extent of the remedial effect. However, EnPhySys℠ incorporates a patented technology called the TreeWell® system. This system is unique in that it manipulates the vegetation by promoting aggressive root development to the targeted area of concern.

Advantages of EnPhySys℠

  • Treats contaminated soil and groundwater to depths of 30 feet (or more)
  • Affects plume migration by hydraulically controlling groundwater at depths of 30 feet (or more)
  • Treats specific horizons of soil and groundwater
  • Treats DNAPL and similar contaminants by combining remedial strategies, such as adding EZVI to the TreeWell® system
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly - aesthetically appealing
  • Approved by regulatory agencies
  • Appropriate for most geographical locations
  • Easily quantifiable
  • Quick results
  • Innovative, yet proven "green" technology

TEA has implemented numerous engineered phytoremediation projects over the last ten years in the United States and Canada with outstanding results. The EnPhySys℠ system is a unique and highly adaptable approach to phytoremediation that optimizes the inherent advantages of plant-based remediation.