Management of Change Demystified!

A FREE Download of MOC Checklist to Get You Started

The Management of Change (MOC) is one of the most important elements of a management system. A change, big or small, can introduce new hazards and/or risks to a process if not reviewed, approved, communicated and implemented properly. To a lot of people, however, it seems to “make a lot of work” out of what used to be “seamless” and “quick.” 

How do you build an effective MOC system without sacrificing your agility as a smaller business? This MOC checklist will get you started on this journey of developing your own streamlined MOC work process! It includes:

  • Tracking element that allows you to track and manage your MOC through the review and implementation process
  • A review process that allows you to determine who and what will be reviewed to properly manage change
  • An approval process that determines what level of your leadership must have final approval of your proposed change
  • A training and acknowledgment process that informs affected employees of the change
  • A post-change effectiveness review to determine if your change accomplished its intended purpose

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