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Oil Field Remediation

In today’s oil & gas industry, environmental compliance and remediation is more critical than ever before. E&P companies are not only looking for new prospects, but also re-evaluating fields that were operational in the past. A critical step in the evaluation process is the risk of being held accountable for not only current E&P operations, but historical E&P operations as well. TEA environmental professionals can provide a baseline evaluation of prospective oil & gas properties on the front end (Phase I/II Site Assessments) to identify potential significant liabilities, and assist with site restoration activities after E&P operations have finished. The TEA team consists of trained professionals who possess the talent and capacity required to provide environmental compliance assistance in an ever-changing and complicated regulatory environment.

The services provided include:

  • Drill Site Evaluation - Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments
  • Baseline Groundwater Sampling/Evaluation (Underground Source of Drinking Water or USDW)
  • Site audits or due diligence of sites with existing E&P operations
  • NORM Site Assessment and/or Soil Remediation
  • Site Closure
  • Tank battery decommissioning
  • Orphan well plugging and abandonment
  • Pipeline/flowline remediation and abandonment
  • Pit Closure (LDNR 29-B)
  • Innovative Site Restoration/Closure using alternative methodologies
  • Combination of biodegradation, chemical or biological stabilization, and/or chemical washing (depending on site conditions)