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Engineered Phytoremediation

Phytoremediation is a proven green and sustainable remediation strategy that can provide outstanding results in the cleanup of contaminated soils, groundwater, and even wastewater. Because of our extensive experience in this area, TEA has enhanced and extended the effectiveness of the standard phytoremediation. We call it our Engineered_Phytoremediation℠ approach, EnPhySys℠.


First, EnPhySys℠ takes advantage of the selective uptake capabilities of the plant root systems, together with the translocation, bioaccumulation, and contaminant storage/degradation abilities of the entire plant body. Plant-based soil remediation systems can be viewed as biological, solar-driven, pump-and-treat systems with an extensive, self-extending uptake network (the root system) that enhances the below-ground ecosystem for subsequent productive use.

Second, TEA uses patented and proprietary technologies, tailored to each client's site, to achieve outstanding results. EnPhySys℠ goes beyond just planting trees, grasses, and shrubs. Our technologies can direct roots to specific targeted areas of subsurface contamination or soil horizons. The highly adaptable EnPhySys℠  system can also enhance both aerobic and anaerobic degradation of many chemicals of concern using innovative technologies applied in conjunction with the system.

Finally, TEA has teamed with Applied Natural Sciences, Inc. (ANS), to implement engineered phytoremediation using ANS’ patented TreeWell®technology, which directs root growth and development to targeted vertical treatment areas of the subsurface to achieve desired results. This effective and flexible system can be used in conjunction with other remediation strategies to optimize the remedial effects of phytoremediation.