[ Remediation ]


TEA is a proven, national leader in the implementation of innovative remediation strategies and technologies. We have designed, implemented (and currently manage) one of the largest industrial chlorinated solvent bioremediation programs in the country.

Additionally, TEA provided over 60,000 gallons of emulsified zero-valent iron (EZVI) for in-situ remediation of dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL). This was the largest implementation of EZVI to date, achieving >90% destruction.

TEA also plays a leading role in phytoremediation, using the EnPhySys℠ approach and the TreeWell® technology system. Our project work areas include both the U.S. and Canada.

TEA evaluates appropriate alternatives before remediating any site, but some of the specialty technologies we are known for include:

We work with each client to develop a cost-effective strategy by:

  • Negotiating with agencies for more achievable cleanup criteria using risk assessment and modeling
  • Developing aggressive monitoring programs
  • Limiting the term of remedial operations - expediting remediation and limiting O&M costs