[ Remediation ]


Over the course of 20 (+) years TEA has developed extensive in-situ remediation experience, with a specialty in remediating chlorinated solvents.  We have worked in twenty states, several foreign countries, with dozens of clients including Fortune 50 firms. We have been the national leader in commercializing the use of Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (SourceKill) for DNAPL remediation. And, we have successfully installed more engineered phytoremediation projects than any company. 

Our senior leadership team comes from industry.  We think like a client…because we have been in your position.   We successfully solve problems while minimizing overall costs.

Our approach:

  • Think like a client.  See the issue from a client perspective.  Cut/eliminate annual O&M costs with cost-effective techniques, and understand that money spent is as important a driver as regulatory mandates.
  • Assemble a team of remediation specialists.  We are not a training ground for inexperienced consultants.  Each of our remediation consultants has 20+ years of experience along with advanced degrees/professional designations.
  • Apply innovative solutions. We draw on our own experience and other firms to bring you innovative, cost effective solutions.  We partner with many firms and universities throughout the North America.  An example is our use of advanced imaging technology to identify underground flow paths in order to narrow our treatment efforts.
  • Work with regulators. No project advances without regulatory approval.  Our team works with you and your regulators to move projects forward. Our project managers know the importance of this part of the process.