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TEA has teamed with Applied Natural Sciences, Inc. (ANS), to implement engineered phytoremediation using ANS’ patented  TreeWell® technology, which directs root growth and development to targeted vertical treatment areas of the subsurface to achieve desired results. This effective and flexible system can be used in conjunction with other remediation strategies to optimize the remedial effects of phytoremediation.

  • Treat contaminated soil and groundwater to depths of 30 feet (or more)
  • Effect plume migration by hydraulically controlling groundwater at depths of 30 feet (or more)
  • Treat specific horizons of soil and groundwater
  • Treat DNAPL and similar contaminates by combining remedial strategies such as adding EZVI to the TreeWell® System

Unlike conventional phytoremediation systems that rely on the vagaries of natural root development and the associated limitations on quantifying the remedial effect of these non-engineered systems, the TreeWell® System provides an engineered approach to effect a remedial impact by promoting aggressive root development to the targeted horizon. Controlling the root system in this manner accelerates the remedial attributes of the vegetative system and allows substantially improved ability to quantify results. For example, when calculating water use, nearly 100% of the water used by the TreeWell® System can be assumed to be derived from the targeted horizon, whereas natural phytoremediation systems derive a significant portion of the water used from rainfall or sources other than the area of remedial interest (depending on the local climate).