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Wetlands Assessments and Delineations

Wetlands occupy a large percent of the earth’s surface and are unique ecosystems that provide many valuable resources. Wetlands are protected by Section 404 of the Clean Water Act; stream and rivers that often flow through wetlands are protected by Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act. The TEA Natural Resource Team, including our United States Army Corps of Engineers-Wetland Delineation Certified Ecologist, has experience in identifying and classifying wetlands and also performing wetlands assessment and wetlands delineations of wetland ecologies, streams, and other aquatic habitats. Once the field assessment is complete, TEA can assist with preparing and submitting a wetland data report to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who will render a jurisdictional determination of wetland acreage. A wetland delineation may be required for work including expansion of industrial facilities, excavation and drilling activities, road construction, or any activity that may temporarily or permanently impact wetlands.

Section 404, Section 10, and Coastal Use Permitting

Often time, permits are required by municipal, state, and federal agencies to alter the naturally occurring habitat. This is especially true concerning wetlands, streams, rivers, lakes, and any other natural waterbody. A Department of the Army Permit under 33 CFR 325 is required when any activity occurs that involves wetlands and other water resources. Additionally, coastal use permits are required for activities that involve altering habitat within the coastal zone. The TEA Natural Resource Team has many years of experience in providing permitting assistance to industrial, commercial, municipal, and private sector clients and is ready to assist you with any permitting needs you may have.