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Large Scale Arboricultural Consulting

A recent study found that community trees removed almost 800 million tons of air pollutions annually, which represents a value of $3.8 billion. 

The goal of Large Scale Arboricultural Consulting is to evaluate the urban forest in a designated area.  Through the evaluation and collection of data related to the urban forest, a Tree Inventory will be produced.  Often, a Tree Management Plan is developed for the site. The Tree Management Plan will assist to:

Large Scale Arbro

  • Improve arboricultural planning and asset management
  • Coordinate and conduct plant health care activities efficiently and cost effectively
  • Ensure adequate funding
  • Educate the public and elected officials about the value of community green spaces
  • Evaluate liability awareness for on-site trees

This process would be completed by the TEA Licensed Consulting Arborist.  This service is best suited for municipalities, parks, institutions, University campuses where there is a large Urban Forest that requires management, but the resources are limited to accomplish the task.  The TEA Licensed Arborist has completed Large scale Arboricultural Consulting Services for a diverse cross section of public, private and governmental sectors.  Most notably, Barksdale Air Force Base, New Orleans City Park, BASF The Chemical Company in Geismar, Louisiana and The City of New Roads.