[ Natural Resource Management ]

Natural Resource Management

We depend on our Natural Resources to supply all of our basic needs such as air, food, water, energy, etc.  But did you know that our Natural Resources also can provide benefits to your community in pollution removal, storm water runoff and Carbon storage? 

Natural Resources can be found naturally occurring in a rural setting, or used as part of the landscape/greenspace features in an urban setting.  Typically, in rural settings, Natural Resources are undisturbed and have a natural balance.  On the contrary, the natural resources found in an urban setting, are strategically and purposefully placed in a disturbed setting to achieve certain goals.  Perhaps those goals are to buffer sound, soften the urban landscape, remediate some environmental issue, or to provide ecological value and benefits to your community. 

In the natural system, there is an established ecology, which has a certain balance of flora and fauna, adapting to naturally occurring environmental conditions.  In the urban ecosystem, the system has been disturbed, and has to be amended, and engineered to achieve goals.  Natural Resource Management is the practice of managing natural resources in a disturbed setting, through scientific and technical understanding of the natural resources.  

Some of the specific services and technologies used within TEA’s Natural Resource Management include:

  • Ecosystem Benefit Analysis
  • Ecological Engineered Phytoremediation
  • Ecological Restoration

​The TEA Natural Resource Team has the staff, the tools and the experience to assist you with the management of your natural resources at your site, ecological restoration at your site, and the application of natural resources to enhance, remediate or restore your site.