[ Litigation Support ]

Oil & Gas Legacy Sites

TEA is a Louisiana-based environmental consulting firm with experts that have been involved in multiple oil field legacy cases over many years. Our professional team includes:

  • Certified Professional Geologist
  • Registered Professional Geologist
  • Professional Engineers
  • Doctoral Level Toxicologist

Stakeholders of legacy oil field exploration and production sites are increasingly becoming the target of lawsuits and liabilities associated with alleged impacts on human health and the environment.  The litigious nature that is now an established part of oil field culture in Louisiana and surrounding states is taking its toll on production, new exploration, and ultimately the economy. 

TEA professionals provide the following services to the oil and gas industry:

  • Hydrogeologic evaluations
  • Soil and groundwater assessments
  • Subsurface geologic mapping
  • NORM, 29B, and RECAP evaluations
  • Surface water studies
  • Toxicological evaluations
  • Human health risk assessments
  • Ecological risk assessments
  • Regulatory negotiations
  • Litigation/mediation support
  • Expert testimony