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Corporate Risk Management

TEA offers corporate risk management consulting services through its Strategic Alliance Partner (SAP):  Verum Corporate Risk Management “VerumCRM.”

Managing and dealing with environmental risks can extend well beyond remediation field projects and meeting regulatory requirements.  Risks extend all the way into the corporate boardroom and to all corporate stakeholders. 

Dr. Brad Droy expresses it best:  “TEA is one of the few companies to serve both the environmental, toxicology and litigation support areas as well as risk concerns of corporate CEO’s and CFO’s.  Risks come in all forms. Working with VerumCRM extends TEA’s risk management capabilities to all stakeholders.”

Greg Cochran, Managing Director for VerumCRM echo’s Dr. Droy’s sentiments:  “Having the professional resources of TEAs engineers and consultants to call upon to evaluate, quantify and analyze environmental and safety and health risks gives Verum the breadth to meet the risk management challenges of even the largest companies.”