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Frank Manale - In Memoriam

(1953 - 2020)

TEA mourns the passing of its co-founder, Francis (Frank) Manale.  Frank co-founded TEA in December 1996 with Dr. Bradley Droy.  During these formulative years, Frank and Brad worked to develop a firm based on creating new and innovative solutions for some of the leading environmental problems in the US.  Some of these innovative solutions included developing a revolutionary biological groundwater remediation system using recirculating wells; pioneering a new, engineered approach to designing successful phytoremediation systems; commercializing a NASA patented product to treat contaminated groundwater and working with Brad created a company culture that valued each employee and family.   According to Brad: “Frank was a true innovator and a leader in the environmental remediation field.  He was not just a partner and colleague…. I counted him as one of my closest friends.” “Frank contributed generously to many charities and as part of the founding charter of the firm, we dedicated 10% of the firm’s profits for Christian charities.”  Frank was an avid golfer and he loved LSU football.  He is survived by his wife and son.