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year-end Safety Requirements

year-end Safety Requirements

From the desk of Dennis Huggard

As we approach year-end, I begin thinking about regulatory reporting requirements for 2017.  One specific element comes to mind…..OSHA logs.  For those that have never completed these forms, they can be very bitter/sweet.  On the OSHA 300A Log, we must document the number of cases (deaths, DAWC, RWC, and RMTC), total days away from work and restricted days, and types of injuries sustained. On the OSHA 300 Log, we must list the name and title of the injured employee.  For many that look at these logs, they simply see numbers and letters.  For those of us that complete the logs, especially those within a small business such as ours, these numbers and letters are our friends and co-workers.  We know them personally.  We know the pain they have endured due to a workplace injury.  We know the pain their family has endured.  But in my case, this exercise has been nothing but ZEROs and blank spaces, for which I am truly grateful!  As an EH&S professional, I take my role very much to heart.  I MUST do everything possible to help employees work and live safe.  At times, this role keeps me awake at night, but it also strengthens my resolve.  I have been blessed to work within an organization that lives and breathes safety, and NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, is more important than our employee’s safety.  I hope you all have a blessed holiday and a wonderful new year, as we all strive to remain at ZERO injuries and illnesses in 2018.  

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