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TEA Upgrades EZVI Blending Capabilities

TEA Upgrades EZVI Blending Capabilities

Over fifteen years ago, TEA became NASA’s first licensee of its injectable DNAPL source remediation product: Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI).   

With that license, TEA embarked on developing proprietary processes and methods to manufacture EZVI in commercially available amounts. During those years, EZVI became the cost-effective source DNAPL treatment to stop the “…. unending, cash draining O&M projects”. 

With a current estimate of over 100,000 chlorinated solvent contaminated sites, TEA decided to make a significant capital investment into making a better emulsion, at a faster rate, for a better price.  According to Dr. Bradley Droy, President and CEO of TEA: “Our vision is to maintain our leadership in EZVI manufacturing, but with a whole new, client-focused approach.  That demands a better product, better production capacity and better pricing. We launched our initiative called: “EZVI 2.0.”

Russ Copeland, P.E., TEA’s senior remediation engineer, led a team to implement the 2.0 production part of EZVI 2.0.  Russ stated it best: “We have been making EZVI for over 15 years.  This 2.0 upgrade represents a major commitment to create a better, more reactive emulsion, while improving output with a better price point. It has been a complete re-working of our processes, equipment and product components.”

Dr. Droy concurs with Russ: “By manufacturing a better product, at a better price allows TEA to continue its leadership role in providing EZVI to national and international clients.”

     Russ Copeland, P.E. 
    Senior Remediation Engineer