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TEA Presents at 2019 Remediation Boot Camp – Walnut Creek, CA

TEA Presents at 2019 Remediation Boot Camp – Walnut Creek, CA

TEA was invited to present at a second session of Gregg Drilling’s sponsored May 7th - Remediation Boot Camp.  The theme of the event: “Isn’t It Time You Raised Your Game To Win the Battle Against Chlorinated Solvents?”

The Boot Camp brought together the leading in situ chemistry, injection, emplacement and high-resolution site characterization suppliers that will allow the next generation of remediation engineers, consultants and regulators to be trained on current best practices to optimize and achieve cleanup of chlorinated solvent sites.

Dr. Bradley Droy, President and CEO of TEA gave the presentation: “Implementation of EZVI for Source DNAPL Remediation”. TEA has over fifteen years of successful groundwater remediation experience using EZVI to treat chlorinated solvent.  (EZVI is a NASA developed and patented product.  TEA was the first licensee for the use of the product.)

According to Dr. Droy: “It is estimated that there are over 100,000 chlorinated contaminated sites. Remediation engineers, service and product suppliers and regulators must work together, using best industry practices, to meet this huge DNAPL issue.  Since its founding in 1996, TEA has been committed to be a leader in the in-situ groundwater remediation industry. It’s in our DNA!”

Dr. Droy continues: “During the Q&A part of our presentation a California regulator asked a very profound question:  Why haven’t we heard about EZVI and its use in DNAPL remediation?  As consultants and engineers, we must continue to pursue educating both clients and regulators about the best practices of in-situ remediation!"

If you would like a copy of Dr. Droy’s presentation, please contact him at bdroy@teainconline.com.