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TEA Presents at 2019 Remediation Boot Camp Meeting – Oakland, CA

TEA Presents at 2019 Remediation Boot Camp Meeting – Oakland, CA

TEA was invited to present a session at Gregg Drilling’s sponsored March 7th - Remediation Boot Camp.  The theme of the event: “Isn’t It Time You Raised Your Game To Win the Battle Against Chlorinated Solvents?”

The Boot Camp brought together the leading in situ chemistry, injection, emplacement and high-resolution site characterization suppliers that will allow the next generation of remediation engineers, consultants and regulators to be trained on current best practices to optimize and achieve cleanup of chlorinated solvent sites.

Russ Copeland, P.E., TEA’s Senior Remediation Engineer, presented on the use of Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI) for DNAPL source reduction.  TEA has over fifteen years of successful groundwater remediation experience using EZVI.  (EZVI is a NASA developed and patented product.  TEA was the first licensee for use of the product.)

According to Russ: “About half of the attendees were California regulators. I believe it was a great opportunity to plant the seed that EZVI is a great option for in-situ treatment of DNAPL contaminated sites. Bringing together consultants and suppliers, with the regulators, will prove beneficial in advancing the best practices in DNAPL remediation.”

Thanks to Russ for his passion to advance the best practices in groundwater remediation!

    Russ Copeland, P.E. 
    Senior Remediation Engineer