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TEA Joins International Technology & Regulatory Council’s (ITRC) - IAP

TEA Joins International Technology & Regulatory Council’s (ITRC) - IAP

TEA is pleased to announce that we have joined the Industry Affiliates Program (IAP). IAP is the formal membership program for private-sector organizations within The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC).  Les Porterfield, P.E. will be representing TEA on some of the IAP Active Teams. 

IRTC defines itself as “ a state-led coalition working to reduce barriers to the use of innovative air, water, waste, and remediation environmental technologies and processes”. ITRC is renowned for the production of documents and training materials that provide excellent technical knowledge, which can then be used to expedite quality regulatory decision making while protecting human health and the environment.  There are public and private sector members from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  This allows ITRC to provide a very thorough national perspective.

Private-sector organizations may join IAP by completing an application form and paying the appropriate membership fee. IAP supports ITRC in its mission by providing financial, technical, and market information and resources.    The IAP Ative Teams include:  1,4-Dioxane;Green and Sustainable Remediation with Resiliency to Extreme Weather Events and Wildfires; Implementing Advanced Site Characterization Tools; Incremental Sampling Methodology (ISM) Update; Optimizing In Situ Remediation Performance & Injection Strategies; PFAS; Strategies for Preventing and Managing Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms (HCBs); and Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Training.

For more information on IAP please visit:  www.irtcweb.org