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TEA Introduces EZVI 2.0

TEA Introduces EZVI 2.0

Even after fifteen years from its introduction into the environmental remediation marketplace upon execution of the first licensing agreement with TEA in 2003, EZVI still remains the industry's most cost-effective DNAPL source reduction treatment you can purchase on the market today. We made our first gallon of EZVI in 2005 and remain the largest supplier of EZVI in the US.  We have continuously improved the product and perform a rigorous QA/QC process on every batch made to ensure compliance with the original NASA patent. Recently, we have made additional improvements to the product. We call it EZVI 2.0.

What makes our EZVI 2.0 the premier DNAPL source remediation product?  

  • This is the real, licensed and patented product! No imitation ZVI/oil mixtures! 
  • After blending hundreds of thousands of gallons, EZVI is still producing "tried and true reductions" of DNAPL source areas.  
  • Totes or tankers, we can deliver for your project.
  • By competitively sourcing iron, and meticulous lab testing, we have found a more reactive iron for the emulsion.  Higher reactivity = faster results.
  • In our product history, no end user has reported a need for re-injection to meet remediation project goals.  The product works....first time, every time.
  • During a July 2018 implementation, an injector remarked:  "This is the best EZVI I have ever injected!"


EZVI 2.0 means that we can offer EZVI for the absolute lowest, volume price in the industry!

Plus, with EZVI 2.0, you still get the resources of professional engineers and geologists to assist you in designing and implementing your project. 

For your volume price quote, please contact: 

Russ Copeland, P.E. 
Midwest/Western territory

Les Porterfield, P.E. 
Gulf Coast territory

Dave Wandor
Northeast territory

Brad Droy, Ph.D.
International territory