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TEA Celebrates 25th Year In Business

TEA Celebrates 25th Year In Business

From the desk of Dr. Bradley Droy:

December 16, 2021, marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of TEA!  Over this span of years, we have had many challenges, opportunities, and successes, and wanted to take a moment to thank all of those that have contributed to and who have been a part of our success.

This past year, on August 20, 2020, we saw with sadness the passing of our co-founder, Frank Manale.   In December 1996 neither Frank nor I could have imagined the growth and success of TEA that we have experienced.   We decided to take a “new approach” to starting our business. We agreed not just to have a business to focus upon revenues and profits. We established TEA based upon five core principles that have proven to be true and vital to our growth and success over these years.

  • To conduct our business with a mindset built upon integrity, honesty, faith, family and hard work;
  • To tackle the most difficult client concerns with new, innovative approaches and solutions;
  • To take the approach of “working ourselves out of a job”; knowing that if our clients were pleased, that there would be more work after that job was done;
  • To hire the best professionals and let them do “what they do best”; and
  • To provide a workplace environment that values people, their work, and their families.

In an imperfect manner, we have been true to these principles over the years.

So many fine people have come alongside TEA as employees, directors, partners, advisors, investors and of course, our clients.  They believed in our mission and our “new approach” to the environmental consulting business.  We cherish those relationships that we have formed; and continue to develop new relationships.

As we start our twenty-sixth year in business, we continue our mission with offices in Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Michigan, and Illinois.  We are rapidly expanding into new markets with our SourceKill™ remediation product as our business is evolving to be more product-oriented, although we continue to provide our long-held core business segments of remediation consulting, risk assessment, litigation support and expert witness services.

No matter what the challenges we will be facing in our next twenty-five years, we will continue to remain true to our founding ideals.  Again, thank you for being a part of our success.



Dr. Bradley Droy, Co-Founder, President and CEO