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“Let the data drive your decisions!”  - Dr. Brad Droy, TEA CEO

“Let the data drive your decisions!”  - Dr. Brad Droy, TEA CEO

Laboratory Data Acquisition / Data Validation / Data Management / Data Interpretation

TEA scientists and engineers have decades of experience with the acquisition, quality assessment, management, and interpretation of chemical and microbial concentration data in a variety of environmental media.  Adequate understanding of site conditions through the collection and interpretation of data is essential to achieving the desired outcome in any site assessment or remediation project.  We work directly with clients and can provide litigation support services for attorneys.

Data Acquisition.  TEA can assist the client with the formulation and implementation of an appropriate, detailed sampling and analysis plan that encompasses the planning phase, including negotiation of agency approval when needed, selection of and coordination with the right laboratory facility, and professional field collection of representative environmental samples according to appropriate standard operation procedures (SOP).  We support all on-site field operations during data collection including developing a site-specific Health and Safety Plan (“HASP”) prior to sampling.

Data Quality Assessment.  TEA offers analytical chemistry expertise through detailed laboratory data validation and data usability assessments.  We can provide a simple review to ensure laboratory procedures and reporting meet project and regulatory requirements, or we can provide a detailed “Level 4” review, according to EPA National Functional Guidelines, Department of Defense (DoD) guidance, or applicable state or regional guidance.  Our data validation experience encompasses normal organic and inorganic methodology, as well as the specialized review of radionuclide data and low-concentration emerging contaminant data.  TEA’s professional data validation can be provided as an essential part of an integrated Data Services package, or we can provide valuable third-party validation of data collected by the client or by another consultant.    

Data Interpretation. TEA can provide a simple tabulation of data with screening against appropriate regulatory compliance levels, to help the client determine proper action at their site.  Alternatively, we can provide graphical displays and complex statistical analysis of current and historical data to identify concentration trends, confirm existing constituent decay processes, and interpret site conditions on a spatial and/or temporal basis.  We can also provide fate-and-transport modeling to estimate conditions at a future time or at a remote location.  Perhaps most importantly, careful review of the data as a whole by an experienced professional who understands the relationships among the various chemical and physical parameters can help reveal the most expedient remedy for the site and for the client, saving time and money and possibly eliminating potential sources of future liability.

The objective of our Data Services is to provide a representative and reliable data package that appropriately meets the needs of our client, whether that means answering the questions associated with initial site investigation, fulfillment of complex regulatory requirements, or demonstration of concentration levels for a rigorous litigation review.  Our Data Services, as listed above, can be provided in combination with other Services, or separately – as needed to suit your project.  As with everything else we do, TEA’s data-related services are focused on client and project needs, making certain the data deliverable fulfills those needs without ignoring real-world budgetary (or other) constraints that might be of concern.

Data Consultants.  We work with independent, third-party laboratory and data scientists to handle complex data questions especially for litigation review and regulatory agency negotiations.  If a case needs a “deep dive” into laboratory methods, testing protocols, or further evaluating validated data, we work with some of the nation’s leading laboratory experts to resolve complex issues.

If you need assistance with data acquistion, validation, management, or consultantions, please contact Les Porterfield at the number below.

Les Porterfield, PE
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