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Les Porterfield to speak at FRC

Les Porterfield to speak at FRC

Les Porterfield, PE is scheduled to present the below information during DAY 2 of the Florida Remediation Conference.  


Successful Treatment of Carbon Tetrachloride and Carbon Disulfide in Groundwater Using an Improved Formulation of Emulsified Zero Valent Iron

Les Porterfield, PE, Director of Florida Operations, TEA Inc., Santa Rosa Beach

Two distinct microscale iron materials were tested to compare reactivity by evaluating particle size distribution, hydrogen gas production and surface area. One of the microscale irons was clearly more reactive. Both iron materials were used to produce emulsified zero valent iron, and used in a groundwater treatability test for a U.S. site to treat carbon disulfide and carbon tetrachloride. The team tested and characterized properties on two sources of iron media that would illustrate the potential reducing power of the iron. The comparative analysis showed that one microscale iron product possessed three times the surface area (2.24 vs. 0.78 m2/g) and four times the reactivity/faster electron dosing rates [4.53 vs. 1.14 ml/(g·day)]. The particle size distribution was about two times greater for the more reactive iron (e.g. 7.53 vs. 3.93 mm D50 values). Test samples were exposed to EZVI produced using the two different iron types, and also received no EZVI exposure. All samples were sent to a commercial laboratory and analyzed for CS2 and CCl4 (and other compounds including breakdown/daughter products of these parent compounds). The EZVI prepared with the more reactive iron demonstrated significantly higher removal rates for CS2 and CCl4 in solution. Removal rates demonstrated during this seven-day test showed 73 percent and 91 percent for CS2 and CCl4, respectively. Based on these results, a pilot study is being performed in groundwater at the chemical facility and additional research is being performed to improve the manufacturing process for EZVI.


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Les Porterfield, PE
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