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Les Porterfield, P.E. Joins ITRC’s PFAS Team

Les Porterfield, P.E. Joins ITRC’s PFAS Team

TEA is pleased to announce that Les Porterfield, P.E., has joined the The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council's (ITRC) Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) PFAS Active Team. Les brings his extensive engineering and remediation experience to the Active Project Team to address the increasing PFAS contamination issues in the public and private sectors.

The goal of this project is to assist regulators and other stakeholders improve their understanding of the current science regarding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) by the production of concise technical resources.  The PFAS team currently consists of over 500 professionals.  PFAS compounds, whose prevalence in the environment has become an emerging, worldwide priority in environmental and human health, are a large and complex class of anthropogenic compounds. The environmental persistence and potential for bioaccumulation are of concern for human health risks.   These concerns in the United States have further focused both public and regulatory scrutiny on PFAS Recent high-profile cases involving human exposure.

The PFAS team will produce a technical-regulatory guidance document and an internet-based training course, which will provide links to pertinent scientific literature, stakeholder points of view, technical challenges and uncertainties.  Fundamental to this effort is the development of a series of fact sheets, each synthesizing key information for one of the following core subjects:

(1) Naming Conventions and Physical and Chemical Properties,

(2) Regulations, Guidance, and Advisories,

(3) History and Use,

(4) Environmental Fate and Transport,

(5) Site Characterization Considerations, Sampling Precautions, and Laboratory Analytical Methods,

(6) Remediation Technologies and Methods, and

(7) Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF).

For more information about ITRC, or the IAP, please go to:  www.ITRCWeb.org .

TEA is taking a larger role in developing cost-effective methods to remediate PFAS compounds in soils and groundwater.  We are bringing our twenty years of in-situ remediation experience to address these recalcitrant compounds. 

If you have PFAS site concerns, please reach out to Les to discuss your questions.

Les Porterfield, PE
(850) 269-6884