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Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy

Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy

One of the most critical steps in Site Characterization is identification of the sequence stratigraphy at your site. The location, depth, thickness, and lithology of the water-bearing zones beneath a site can determine the strategy that is needed to achieve risk-based closure within an acceptable time and cost. In this webinar TEA’s Senior Geologist, Lee Day, CPG, P.G., discusses the geological conditions beneath your site and how they can impact the design of any remedial efforts or long-term monitoring as well as help you understand the major roll that sequence stratigraphy can play at your site.

EPA, Groundwater Issue (September 2017) Best Practices for Environmental Site Management: A Practical Guide for Applying Envieronmetal Sequence Stratigraphy to Imporve Conceptual Site Models, Michael R. Shultz, Richard S. Cramer, Colin Plank, Herb Lebine, Kenneth Ehman.

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