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Dr. William Benson and TEA, Inc. Form Strategic Partnership

Dr. William Benson and TEA, Inc. Form Strategic Partnership

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Release Date: 10/23/18

Dr. William Benson and TEA, Inc. Form Strategic Partnership

Dr. William Benson, a recognized expert in the field of environmental toxicology, and TEA, Inc., a professional US environmental consulting firm are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership.  This agreement creates synergy in which Dr. Benson will be available to provide consultation and expert services across the environmental consulting and remediation industry, including, but not limited to, TEA’s existing and developing client base.  The alliance will create opportunities for an expanded reach across the environmental consulting arena for both Dr. Benson and TEA, Inc.

Dr. Brad Droy, President and CEO of TEA, Inc., states that “Having access to someone with the stature and experience of Dr. Benson does nothing but enhance our internal toxicology and risk assessment program and builds upon the breadth and variety of expertise that we can present to our clients.  I personally have known Dr. Benson and have followed his career for the past 30 years.  He is truly a remarkable individual who brings not only his clear expertise, but also an even-handed credibility and common-sense approach to solving environmental problems.  This includes problems that we face today and will continue to face in the future at both government and private sector client sites.”

Dr. Benson, who resides in Gulf Breeze, Florida. served as Director for the National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (NHEERL) within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Research and Development.  In that capacity, Dr. Benson was responsible for coordinating health and ecological effects research in NHEERL, and working with national research programs, offices, laboratories, and centers to assure integrated research vital to the future of environmental protection.  Dr. Benson has held various positions while serving the Agency, including Associate Director for Ecology for NHEERL, Director of NHEERL’s Gulf Ecology Division, acting Chief Scientist in the Office of the Science Advisor, Interim Laboratory Director for the National Exposure Research Laboratory and acting Associate Assistant Administrator. 

Prior to joining the Agency, Dr. Benson spent 15 years in academia. Dr. Benson’s research activities have been directed towards assessing the influence of environmental stressors on health and ecological integrity.  He has conducted research in the areas of metal and pesticide bioavailability, reproductive and developmental effects in aquatic organisms, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and use of indicators in assessing health and ecological integrity.  In addition, he has published extensively on topics focusing on environmental toxicology and chemistry. 

William H. Benson, Ph.D.

Dr. Benson obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Florida Institute of Technology and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Toxicology were obtained from the University of Kentucky.  While in graduate school he was the first recipient of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Pre-Doctoral Fellowship sponsored by The Procter & Gamble Company.  Most recently, The University of Mississippi named a graduate student award in Dr. Benson’s name.  Dr. Benson is a Past President of SETAC and has served on the International Council of SETAC.  Dr. Benson currently serves on the Senior Resource Group for SETAC as well as the Research Oversight Committee for Genome Canada/Genome Québec.  Dr. Benson was elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and is active in several other professional societies, including the Society of Toxicology. 

For more information, contact Dr. Brad Droy at (225) 907-7658; or at bdroy@teainconline.com. 

About TEA, Inc.

TEA, Inc. (Toxicological & Environmental Associates, Inc.) is a specialty environmental consulting firm specializing in groundwater remediation, bioremediation, EZVI product development, Phytoremediation, Toxicology, Expert Witness and litigation support. TEA has served its clients throughout the United States and Canada since 1996. Our clientele include chemical and petro chemical facilities, oil and gas companies, Fortune 500 companies, major law firms and federal and state agencies, as well as commercial and industrial clients.  For more information visit our website at www.teainconline.com.

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