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does epa rmp or osha psm apply to you?

does epa rmp or osha psm apply to you?

Does EPA RMP (Risk Managment Plan) or OSHA PSM (Process Safety Management) apply to you?

I’m sure your first comment probably is, can you have any more acronyms in one short sentence?  That answer is yes, but that’s another topic of discussion.  Your second comment maybe, you’re not sure.  Well, if you operate a process using hazardous chemicals, you better know the correct answer to this question.  If not, you may be setting yourself up for unhealthy regulatory engagement.  A simple yes, no, or maybe answer will not be sufficient.  You have to know if these regulations apply to you and what you must do to comply with the rules. 

Did you know…..

  • These two regulations are similar but not identical
  • Both have specific chemical applicability
  • Both have threshold chemical quantities
  • Both require solid management systems to oversee the effected processes

Even if you feel you these regulations don’t apply to your process, you should document your reasoning and provide proof of non-applicability. 

Not sure whether your facility is required to comply with PSM or RMP?  Contact Dennis Huggard at dahuggard@teainconline.com or by phone at 989-486-9660 for an applicability assessment.