[ About Us ]

Culture and Values

TEA was founded in 1996 by Frank Manale and Dr. Brad Droy. Both men came from national consulting firms with a new vision to create a specialty environmental consulting company that focuses on solving client problems using the best science and engineering practices in a creative, yet implementable fashion. Over the years, we have been true to that vision.


In establishing this vision, we moved away from the traditional environmental consulting business model of endless project billings with limited client results. Why was this shift significant? Simply put, we moved from sitting across the desk of our clients to their side of the desk to act in their best interests. We wanted to see problems from their perspective and thus develop solutions based on that point of view. Our goal was to concentrate on building client relationships not just "invoice" relationships.


To implement such a vision, we had to gather a professional staff that believed as we did. Over the years, TEA has had the privilege of building a team of outstanding consultants that work together in a creative and productive manner. Most of our staff have advanced degrees and/or professional certifications. You can count on a consulting staff with the education, expertise and experience to solve your most challenging issues.


Because we are client-focused, our solutions have to be client-based. Even if we need to deliver difficult news to a client about their particular situation, we will follow our vision to act in their best interest. But, being technically correct is not enough. Our solutions must be economically viable and demonstrate a "budget-based" reality.